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Omnitheism Community

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Omnitheism is a faith based on the exploration of religions to discover the grains of truth buried in the mythology, cultural bias, and political conveniences that plague organized religions. We then work to integrate these pieces of the puzzle into our modern scientific understandings in the hope of learning more about the nature of our Universe.

Omnitheism is the view that every religion contains at its core an understanding of the nature of the universe, but limited by human constraints. It differs from Pantheism in believing that all of the spirits or deities of human belief are real, separate, and distinct- as opposed to facets of one greater God that encompasses everything. Omnitheism can mean "belief in all gods" or "belief in every god" as well as "all beliefs are god". Furthermore, we Omnitheists often take a more Agnostic view of the spiritual world than do many Pantheists. In this, we are somewhat like Deists, preferring to trust our own personal experience and scientific understanding over faith and tradition. We are also very interested in reconciling scientific understanding with religious beliefs from around the world, so as to develop a unifying religious understanding.