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Let's write a book.

I've been debating about this for some time, and the deletion of the Wikipedia entry seems to seal the deal.  We should write a book.

I'm tired of not being taken seriously by others when I enter a religious discussion.  I'm tired of not having enough good reasonable material available to back me up.  I know starting a religion from the ground up, even if it's based on a really good idea that makes sense, isn't going to be easy.  And I know compiling a collection of essays and works trying to define one of the most indefinable religions... nay, one that by it's very nature almost defies contemporary definition... it's a task and a half.  But I think we can do it.

I say "we" because I don't think any one person would be capable of writing a good book on Omnitheism by our selves.  Also, I don't like the idea of any one of us having complete and total control over the public face of Omnitheism... 

Martin, I'm going to use you as an example here, but don't be offended, it's just that you're an easy target for my metaphor...

If Martin would decide to change his views on omnitheism to something radical and contrary to my views, he alone holds the keys to omnitheism.com.  If he changes his beliefs, I'd have little recourse but to say "I disagree" and perhaps start my own competing website.  Then it becomes a duel, and unless I'm going to trek over to his house and nail my demands to his front door... well, let's not go there, shall we?

That's why I want anyone and everyone who wants to participate and is competent to do so.  I acknowledge here and now that this topic is too dynamic a topic for any one person to try and nail down.  Two different views make us twice as right... three different views make us triple the wise.  The more people we pour into the collective, the more information, views, and opinions we take in... the more we know, and the closer we are to something vaguely approaching a fraction of the truth.

So... that said... I'm declaring now that I'm editing together a book.  In the time since I last spoke to you all en masse, I've written a scifi novel and have gone through a fair bit of editing, haggling, negotiating, bargaining, and learning of the publishing industry... and I think we can do this.  We can print-on-demand and register it with the Library of Congress, that's usually the easiest way to do these things on a topic nobody knows about (not yet, anyway). 

And once it's in print... once it's in print, then it's a book, and people can believe in books.  I know it's silly to say, but some people don't believe in a thing unless it's written down somewhere.  This shouldn't be the defining work... more like Volume 1 of an unfinished (and unfinishable) collection, but it's a foothold.  It's something to hand to a curious friend, something to slip into a box of books being donated to a charity, something to hold in your hands and say "I can't tell you ALL of what Omnitheism is, but here's a start."

So... who's with me?
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