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Without Definition; The Book of Anthesis

(This is NOT Omnitheism. This is simply what I believe. Omnitheism is very basic; Everyone's ideas about the world are welcome, and you are free to think whatever you'd like.)

The chapter; Source

1 In the beginning, there was Nothing. This Nothing had no shape or form, and was infinite in all dimensions of its breadth.

2 It has always been impossible to add or subtract from this Nothing. The Nothing can only change, but it cannot be multiplied as it is infinite. An Infinite Nothing can only be divided. And thus were all things created.

3 Time is not linear, it is simply a measure of the progression of change. Time was therefore formed as of the First Change. The First Change caused the Nothing to shimmer into wavelengths and become full of energy and life. The Void, the One God, thus became Abundant and The Light And Dark was forged.

4 The Abundant Void became the source of The Makers. The Makers are at one with the Abundant Void. The Makers are the energy of consciousness. All that are aware are in legion with The Makers.
The Makers designed, out of desire for novel experience, a Table of Rules and Elements. This table was enacted upon a certain wavelength within The Light And Dark. Thus the One Verse was created.

5 The design of the Table of Rules and Elements caused the energy within the One Verse to congeal. This energy collected in the Nebulae. The Rules caused the Nebulae to generate Stars. The stars drifted free from their mother clouds, and floated among the universe.

6 The Rules caused the stardust to gravitate into Planets. The planets swung freely around the stars. The Rules caused the planets to seethe with fire and air. The Rules caused the fire to become earth, and the air to become water. Above the fire, upon the earth, within the water, among the air, the Rules created Life.

7 The Makers took refuge amongst this Life. The Makers inhabited Life, and brought it consciousness.

The chapter; Dawn

1 The Makers consider it their sole purpose in life to experience new things in their universe, known as The Light And Dark. Since all things are made from the Abundant Void, no energy can be destroyed. It is for this reason that The Makers choose to embody themselves within the creatures of the One Verse. They cannot be destroyed, but they can allow themselves to forget, and to lose themselves within Life.

2 Life in the One Verse is but one of many systems, within and outside of the One Verse. Every system is a construction of pieces and substances, and built for a purpose. The purpose of Life is to allow The Makers to experience The Light And Dark, in all its forms.

3 Life in the One Verse began as a simple creation of cells which could work on their own when necessary. These cells were controlled by The Makers, and made into colonies and then cities which were built from nothing but the cells themselves. So it was that the first creatures were born.

4 Creatures must have a way to build more of themselves. Thusly, Parthenogenetic creatures were made. Parthenogenesis is a natural state of being throughout the universe. Wherever in the universe that there is a creature, single or multi-celled, it has a cell built from symmetric chromosomes, and it is Parthenogenetic.

5 A group known as The Builders take it upon themselves to alter and create Life where they please, to further allow The Makers to experience Life in the One Verse, without intervention. The Builders create complex systems where there were systems are taken for granted. These complex systems are given fairly logical reasons and excuses for their existance.

6 The Builders created a way for creatures to build more of themselves that involved an intervention from an outside source. They created a method which fools life into believing this outside creature is another one of itself, and prevents any children from building future generations the way their parents had been built.

7 The Builders took this system to the stars, and made it their duty to spread such culture throughout the universe.

The chapter; Prime

1 The Builders found an excellent planet to start this new project upon. They had found a small, fairly new planet circling a star with many years ahead of it. This planet was covered in fluffy white clouds, and had excellent conditions for supporting Life for hundreds of years.

2 The Builders tamed the air and water of this land, and made fertile the soil. They brought many creatures familiar to them, from planets around various stars, and introduced them all to this new land. The Builders then set about their task of building a form of intelligent Life in the new system.

3 The Builders created the outside source first, in a form similar to themselves. The source, which they called "Male", had weaker cells than normal intelligent creatures. To compensate, The Builders gave males various genetic tendencies for greater height and greater drive. To tell them apart, males were also given deeper voices than normal intelligent Life.

4 At this point, The Builders set about the much easier task of creating a companion for this male. It would be a creature that much resembled The Builders, themselves, only it would be compatible with the male creature and built in a similar fashion and therefore not exactly the same as The Builders.

5 When the male and female were created, they were taught to speak a basic language, and allowed to come up with the names they preferred for the creatures of the land and sea. They were set free upon the land with the instruction to be fruitful and multiply.

6 The First, and their progeny, would be taught the ways of The Builders, over the years. They would be taught the arts of forging, of art, of astronomy, of science. And these arts would prove to be their undoing.

7 The Builders wrought destruction on the planet, destroying the protective atmosphere and exposing their progeny to the harsh rays of the nearby star.

The chapter; Dusk

1 It has always been impossible to add or subtract from The Abundant Void. The Void can only be changed. It is the nature of The Light And Dark which allows us, as Makers, to envision and build without reason.

2 Much as a dream, in The Light And Dark we wish things into existance. We are the embodiment of spiritual essences, and we create our own afterlife. Those who remain closed-minded or attached to their own ideas will create their own hells, while the open-minded continue their journey to experience life in all of its forms.

3 The Truth can be found in every religion and even science, and none should be considered wrong. Indeed, each religion may prove to be correct for each person, for the rest of their lives. It is wrong to disrespect a person's belief in their own religion, if you are of a different religion.

4 As Makers, all creatures with consciousness are Siblings of Spirit to all other conscious creatures. It is our charge not only to watch over ourselves, but to treat other creatures as we would like to be treated.

5 As a Spiritual Sibling, The Makers are obliged to warn others or those around others of potential dangers. Ultimately their choice to heed wisdom and alter their course must be their own.

6 Part of the journey of The Maker is to experience, and part of that experience is to choose her own destiny, and to learn from these choices. All information, even when a simple warning, can be used toward an agreeable end, or toward a disagreeable end.

7 The futures of Life are forever mutable. Now is the time to make a change.

Void = God / Reality
Abundant Void = Mind of God / All Things
The Makers = Spirits / Holy Ghost
The Builders = Elohim / Jehova
The Light And Dark = Purgatory / Heaven / The Afterlife
The One Verse = The World / Universe
Table of Rules and Elements = Periodic Table
Life = All things that move of their own accord against the pull of gravity
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