The Light And Dark (ayelis) wrote in omnitheism,
The Light And Dark

But no. I have two-and-a-half non-competing philosophies that explain everything. And they make it so that I can believe in Atheism, Monotheism, Polytheism, and Agnosticism all at once. (I call that "Omni"-theism...) Y'know, any one religion couldn't cut it for me. I had to take bits and pieces from all of them and go ahead and make SENSE out of the universe. :3

I am of the Taoist/Zen belief that reality both exists and does not exist.
In the beginning, there was Void. It's the only thing that makes sense to me. Start with nothing. Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So everything is still nothing (albeit a very 'clever' nothing). That's why wavelengths go up and down. Everything is just shimmering nothing. Therefore, whatever this "Void" is, is both existant, and non-existant. If I believe this "Abundant Void" is "God", then I believe God "Doesn't Exist". Therefore, I am Atheist. But at the same time, it DOES exist. So I am Monotheist. In short, the human mind cannot fully know something as being existant and nonexistant at once, therefore, I am Agnostic.

When I say "God", I mean "Void". I do not mean anything Christian. The Christian Book relates only events related to the creation of the Earth. Nothing more. And the "God" in that book is not the "God" of my religion. Well, not the one from the first testament, at least. Elohim is not my god. Elohim are "The Gods" that, I have come to believe after much research into biology, meddled with human DNA. That's a Polytheist belief.

Well, it's possible that it wasn't actually "the gods", as much as "very intelligent virii". But who would believe in intelligent virii?
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