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mediaplague open information and omnitheism community

btw pandeism and omnitheism are two different things.

omnitheism is an all-encompassing theistic foundation, while pandeism is a superclass-substructure within theism composed of all theistic deities.

i apolozgize to martiniano for the TRK2 imposter.

omnisis.org has gone to rot due to phpbb being sheer crap.

mediaplague.com is my current site btw.

idealgeneration.com and realmofexistence.com are on the way.

Realm of Existence is basically an omni-theist, Blizzard Entertainment -meets- Tony Hawk, second life-like environment i have been working on since 1989.

idealgeneration.com is simply a site on sentience as it relates to idealism, mostly mathematical based open information site.

mediaplague.com is simply my personal open information site.

btw i own .us .net .org .info .biz .mobi .tv .us of socialmutiny but someone has bought .com out from under me somehow.

socialmutiny is my planned mass-user open information chaos site.

i am running short on funds tho for this month, so it won't be until january or february until i start up the dedicated server which will host them all.


btw "The Greatest Story Ever Told" movie fails to mention in part 1, that every 11 years solar flares produce sunspots for 3 days of which enact el nino and la nina and thus occaisionally completely blacks out during that 3 day period, thus the one of the 12 followers betraying the sun, and then 3 days of death ensuing until ressurection when the sun bursts back into flames again from temporary burn out.

"Zeitgeist" The Movie is another good one by the same author.

socialmutiny.tv will host those series in entirety uncut.

anyhoo sorry Martin Iano for the impostor incident on the omnisis.org boards.

omnisis.com was bought out from under me as well.

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