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This came up on the omnitheism.com forums:

Stonestongue: I just got a picture in my head sort of combining a few of them...

Ouroboros in a figure 8 wrapped around 2 eggs with the head and tail meeting in the middle like the yin yang...

If nothing else I just figured out my next tattoo...

I thought that an infinity symbol Oroboros was kinda cool, so I made one up to look at:

I did the head in the middle, but I think it's hard to see there. I also left out the eggs. What do people think?

BTW, I did a silhouette as a test of the symbol. Obviously there is plenty of room for variation in specific representations of the symbol. For instance, the primary symbol for all Christians is the Cross, but there are a zillion different styles of it. I just wanted to test the geometric form.
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