Drakken - Nega - Jim (drakkenzero) wrote in omnitheism,
Drakken - Nega - Jim

The Omneye

This is something I was playing around with a while ago, but I wasn't sure there was a good way of two-dimensionally expressing it... but after seeing the "Great Puzzle", felt inspired to share anyway.

I called it the Omneye, mostly because I love puns, but also because when turned sideways it sort of looks like an eye.  It's made by constructing a 3-dimensional cube, with each side being a primary or secondary color of varying degrees of transparency (more for the front-facing panes, less for the back).  Presented, for your approval, are three of the basic designs, utilizing the same configuration but from different angles.

Omneye Tan     

I suspect what I've made is less an icon and more a metaphor.

The problem I've encountered is... depending on which direction you map if from, it's an entirely different color and design... therefore, without seeing all sides of it you don't quite see the whole thing.  Also, each individual side looses it's distinctive color, but if you notice, the same colors reappear in each one, only overlapping on the central plates where each eye gets it's own unique color.  Depending on layout, you could potentially have about (and it's sloppy math, so correct me if I'm wrong) 4320 different pattern sets, depending on what allignment you had for the color panes and where you took the image from.  And of course, if you go off the basic limited color palette I used, then it's entirely up for grabs as to how many different permutations you could potentially come up with.

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